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Articles & Books

The Only Secure Job: Changing from Employee to Entrepreneur
The Only Secure Job:
Changing from Employee to Entrepreneur
(Key Porter Publishing, 1999, Trade Paperback)

How to create job security in an insecure world!

Where can you find a secure job? Where should your children look for one? This essential handbook on your future tells you how to create the only job security anyone will ever have.

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Praise for The Only Secure Job

"This book is a must-read for anyone who wants a future!"
- Bill Taylor, Editor, Fast Company magazine

"I've interviewed hundreds of guests over the years, but only a few stand out like Richard. His ability to predict trends is stunning." - Bill Carroll, News Director, CFRB radio, Toronto

"If you're concerned about the prospects for your children's employment - or your own - you need The Only Secure Job by futurist Richard Worzel. This is a book I'd give to my own son to read!" - Bill Good, CKNW radio, Vancouver
Table of Contents

  1. Where can you get a secure job?

  2. What's it like being in business for yourself?

  3. What kind of business could you start?

  4. Choosing the right business

  5. Plotting your success

  6. Alternatives: the Internet, Franchises and Network Marketing

  7. How long until you can order the Ferrari?

  8. Where can you get the financing you need?

  9. How much will it hurt if you fail?

  10. Your only guarantee of success

  11. Are you the kind of person who can make it?

  12. Some advice from friends

  13. Who owns tomorrow?

  14. Afterword: When you're rich and famous...
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You should be able to find this book in your local bookstore in Canada, or from any major on-line bookstore. However, if you have a problem doing so, or if you're trying to get it in the U.S. and haven't had any luck, contact me directly at

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