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Keynote & Workshop Topics

Get Your Game On: The Sweet Spot Is Back for the P&C Industry

The economy has just entered a new sweet spot. Growth, although slower than in past expansions, is steady. Inflation is cool and likely to remain so for some time. And talk of deflation is quieting out. All of this is good.

Meanwhile, the consumer markets for auto, business, and home insurance – and all other consumer goods – are shifting in unprecedented ways, changing patterns of demand and market niches.

Futurist Richard Worzel is a business visionary, a Chartered Financial Analyst, and one of today’s leading futurists. In this presentation, he surveys our future, and identifies the shifts that may catch us by surprise, including:

• Why we’re in a sweet spot, for how long, and whether it’s likely to last, or get shot down by some of the uncertainties hovering around us.

• How technology is going to disrupt our expectations and the way we do business all over again. And how it’s going to change our daily lives and the ways we interact.

• Who and where the critical markets of tomorrow will be, and how you should position yourself to prepare for them.

• How climate change is unfolding, and what surprises it contains that we are not expecting.

Richard will provide a roadmap of the future, then end with a toolkit that will allow you to capture and make use of the uncertainties ahead to build your business. You’ll walk away with a better understanding of what’s ahead, and tools that can help you turn that knowledge into market power.

“The New Normal” Is a Meaningless Term: What the Future Really Holds for the P&C Insurance Industry

With the economy seemingly starting to find its legs, it would be easy to breath a sigh of relief, and assume that we could all go back to ‘business as usual’, confident that we’ve figured out the ‘new normal.’ But the future ahead for the industry is anything but normal, new or otherwise, with major changes coming in several different areas. Richard Worzel is a Chartered Financial Analyst, strategic planner, and one of today’s leading futurists. In this presentation, he surveys the future of the property & casualty industry, including:

• Is the economy truly recovering, or are there surprises still in store? What will happen with the EU, unprecedented levels of government debt, and the housing market, and how will they feedback into economic performance?

• It’s clear that climate is changing, regardless of whether humanity caused it or not. But what effects will climate change have, and how do you prepare for the unknowable?

• Technology has changed all the rules over the past 10 years, in financial services and everywhere else, including social interactions, marketing, and stock trading. Yet, what we’ve experienced to date is just the beginning: the changes of the next 10 years will be twice as dramatic.

In such an environment, planning for the future of the P&C industry is increasingly complex, with more unknowns than ever. Yet, there are tools that can capture this uncertainty and harness it for competitive advantage. Richard will not only provide a roadmap of the changes and uncertainties ahead, but will introduce a toolset that you can use to prepare for them. ‘The future will catch all of us by surprise,’ he says, ‘but the companies that will prosper will be the ones that can recover from surprise fastest, and respond to it most constructively.’

Inventing the Future: Creating Tomorrow’s Success

There are so many things happening in so many areas that letting the future happen almost guarantees failure. Instead, organizations that plan to survive and thrive in the next decade must proactively invent their future, identify factors that could derail their plans, and create solutions to ensure ultimate success. Richard Worzel is a strategic planner, a Chartered Financial Analyst, and one of today’s leading futurists. In this keynote presentation, he maps out the coming challenges, and offers a range of tools to deal with them. Among these are:

• The nasty financial and economic surprises still lurking out there that may upset the economic expansion and throw America into a renewed recession and financial crisis;

• The likely course of the economy, including slow growth and a return of high oil and food prices that could spell problems with inflation earlier than would historically be expected;

• The rise of unconventional competition in insurance and the financial industry generally, both from new competitors overseas, and new competition domestically from unexpected sources, aided by the still-rising power of the Internet;

• The technological revolution that has really only just begun, and which threatens to be an even more dramatic game-changer over the next 10 years than it was over the last 10; and

• The changing face of America, including the three age groups that are entering new phases of their life-cycles, and the two emerging groups that are making dramatic gains in influence and, eventually, power.

In this survey of the next decade, Richard will both explore these influences, and suggest ways of not just coping with them, but harnessing them to advantage. The insurance industry is undergoing fundamental change. Innovation and leadership are the keys to future success, but can only win if they have the foresight to pick the right battles.

Being Sure: Tomorrow's Promises & Tomorrow's Clients

In a global marketplace, consumers have more choices for insurance than ever before. Competition among insurers, including new entrants from abroad and from other industries, is changing the face of insurance, and forcing traditional suppliers to change what they offer and how. Yet, consumers seem more erratic than ever before, as do governments that can't seem to settle on consistent policies. How's an insurer to prosper? Futurist, strategic planner, and Chartered Financial Analyst Richard Worzel makes coherent sense of the trends and counter-trends that are roiling the industry, and explains why they are happening. This challenging keynote presentation offers a glimpse into the future of the industry, and outlines the techniques you will need to succeed, the drivers affecting the way your clients are thinking, and the shifting patterns of the marketplace that are forcing change on your behavior.

The Future of Life: Strategies for Managing Change in Life Underwriting

The financial industry in general, and life underwriting in particular are experiencing the most wrenching changes in a generation, caught between mergers and rationalization within the industry on the one hand, and the uncertain and rapidly changing economics of the consumer market on the other. Finding the seams in the marketplace, where the money is, and identifying how to manage your career and guide your organization in the way of up-coming opportunities is the theme of this up-beat and intriguing keynote presentation by strategic planner, futurist, and Chartered Financial Analyst Richard Worzel. In it, he identifies the four key groups in the populations of the United States and Canada that are changing all the rules in the financial industry; demonstrates how the techniques and technology of advertising, marketing, and sales have shifted; how increases in life expectancy and life span are going to cause disruptive policy convulsions in governments; how technology is going to produce marked shifts in the competitive behavior of cutting edge companies and how the individual life underwriter needs to adapt to survive and thrive in this brave, new environment. This critical assessment of how the world has already changed, and what changes are ahead may spell the difference between prosperity and disaster for you, and the company you work with.

Insuring the Future

This session is designed to provide agents specializing in life, living benefit, and financial planning products in the insurance industry with a forward perspective on their business, and to give them take-aways that they can use to improve that business immediately.

Included are:
  • The five things you already know about the future (but probably aren't acting on);
  • What's happened to the trillions of dollars in inheritance (and what it means to you and your clients);
  • How government finances are going to create a crisis, and how your clients need to respond now to prepare for it;
  • The insurance implications of the 'sandwich generation', and how to appeal to each layer in the sandwich;
  • The great, hairy wild card in life and living benefits insurance, and how to prepare for it;
  • The future implications of technology, and how it will help - and hinder - the insurance agent;
  • The rise of authenticity, the waning of authority, and how it affects the sales process; and
  • The major driver of change that's hiding right out in the open, and that will change the way you sell, how much you sell, and to whom.
Richard Worzel is one of today's leading futurists, a Chartered Financial Analyst, the author of six best-selling books, and a sought-after strategic planner. Insuring the Future can either be a keynote address to start or cap a conference, or it can be integrated into a longer, interactive workshop that will give agents both more insight into their own business, and tools that they can use to help their clients.

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