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Keynote & Workshop Topics
Keynote & Workshop Topics

The Road Ahead: The Future of Alberta’s Counties & Municipal Districts

Much as the wind sweeps across the prairies, so the winds of change are sweeping across Alberta, some ill, and some good. Richard Worzel is today's leading futurist, and in this presentation he will outline the changes coming to Alberta’s municipal districts and counties, including:

•The rise of agriculture – Why the global economy represents the best thing to happen to agriculture in more than half a century – and an equally important threat.

• What part natural resources will play in the future of Alberta’s communities and rural areas.

• How demographics are going to dominate provincial politics, and the money that flows into – and out of – Edmonton.

• What’s likely to happen to rural Alberta as the century-long migration to the cities continues.

• How the emergence of everyday robots, smart computers, and other technological developments are going to affect the lives of ordinary people.

• How demographics are going to dominate provincial politics, and the money that flows into – and out of – Edmonton.

Richard will also discuss how rural officials can prepare for the turbulent times ahead, and will provide planning tools that can help create the future that Alberta’s citizens want and need for a more prosperous tomorrow.

Re-inventing Our Towns and Cities

Municipalities are experiencing changes with which they have no experience, and those who respond in the same old ways are going to find themselves shrinking, while those who respond to this sea-change in underlying forces of growth can benefit their cities and constituents. The internal migration within the country is changing because of fundamental shifts in the demographics of the population, while immigration is becoming both more important, and bringing more difficulties. Tourism is rising in importance, but tourists today want different things than they wanted in the past. Infrastructure projects that might have been attractive in an earlier day will be money pits tomorrow. And technology is changing the way constituents want to deal with all levels of government, the possibilities for government and the services it provides, and how municipalities can attract and retain potential new citizens. In this upbeat but challenging keynote presentation, futurist and strategic planner Richard Worzel talks about what works, what doesn't, and how the future is mutating for towns and cities. This is a time of great opportunity - and great peril - for local governments.

The View from 2025: The Future of Municipal Information Systems with the Benefit of Hindsight

If you were able to examine the period from 2005 to 2025 with the aid of hindsight, what would surprise you? Richard Worzel, one of today's leading futurists, will take us on a tour of what's ahead for our profession, looking at how the attitudes and expectations of the general public are changing, how technology is opening up both new opportunities and new pitfalls, and what the economy and constituents are going to need and demand from government services. The major drivers of change Richard will examine will be the next revolution in computers and communications; the changing face of the general public, both by age and origin; and the changing needs of the workforce in a global economy. He will then talk about how these drivers will change the operations of municipal information systems with an eye towards helping you plan and prepare for the faster-paced future we all face. You won't want to miss this upbeat and intriguing beginning to this conference - and your future!

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