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Keynote & Workshop Topics
Keynote & Workshop Topics

The Upgrade Society & the Future of Luxury Automobiles

If we learned anything from the Great Recession and its aftermath, it’s that while it sometimes goes into hiding, money is always around, and the demand for luxury cars tends to persist and rebound faster than for most other kinds of automobiles. But what’s ahead? With continuing economic woes still lingering both at home and in many parts of the world, with new technologies bursting onto the scene, and with a growing interest in alternative fuels and energy sources, the future seems more uncertain than at any time in the recent past. Richard Worzel, a Chartered Financial Analyst, strategic planner, and one of today’s leading futurists, covers this and more in a provocative overview of tomorrow, including:

• The nature and prospects for the Upgrade Society, and how to aim for its heart;

• The coming switch in demographics: Where’s the money going, and how do you play for position?

• The technological surprises ahead, and what they mean for the luxury car market;

• Social media: why it’s not just for college kids any more, how to address it, and where it’s going; and

• What climate change means for the driving experience, alternative propulsion systems, and customer preferences.

You’ll come away not only with a better appreciation for the world of tomorrow, but with a toolkit for coping with, and capturing, the uncertainties of the future.

Car Retailing 2.0: The Future of Marketing in the Retail Automotive Industry

For many car dealers, marketing consists of traditional media, such as newspaper ads, plus some push-marketing techniques like fax and email. But these are, at best, today’s media, and at worst, dying horses that have no chance of reaching tomorrow's consumers. Young buyers, many of whom will soon be entering into the family formation stage of their lifecycles, don’t use most of these media, and often consider even email to be out-of-date and out-of-touch with their reality. And almost all active consumers routinely use Google to find consumer reviews of cars and dealerships, which can negate a carefully orchestrated advertising campaign. Dealers who intend to survive into the 2010's and beyond need to be looking at so-called Web 2.0 media – things like Facebook and Twitter, which truly represent a new form of 'word of mouth' advertising.

In this presentation, Richard Worzel, one of today's leading futurists, provides an overview of the future of car retailing, including:
  • The prospects for traditional media – where they can be useful, and where they are going;

  • The interests and attitudes of consumers of all ages – how their thinking differs, how to apply the 'Platinum Rule' of sales in approaching them;

  • The Web 2.0 media emerging, how to use it, and how NOT to use it; and

  • Why some technologies make it, and some – like satellite radio – don’t, and how to tell the difference.
You’ll walk away with a new appreciation of what's possible, and what to do next to carry you into the very different future of auto retailing.

Critical Care: The Future of Local Pharmacies in Today’s Economy

The economic environment we are facing today is dramatically different than any we have experienced in the last decade – and is, in some ways, different from the environment our society has faced in the last 80 years. This means that the ways of responding to it must also be different.

Richard Worzel is a strategic planner, Chartered Financial Analyst, and one of today's leading futurists. In this presentation, he will provide a road map of the future for the local pharmacy/retailer, which will cover:
  • What's happened to the economy, the financial markets, and the consumer, and what's going to happen next, including the prospects for different parts of Canada;

  • The prospects for 2009 and beyond, with particular emphasis on retailing;

  • How the shifts in demographics are going to affect health care in Canada, and how that will affect the role of the local pharmacist;

  • Tuning in on what's going through the minds of your customers, and how to develop new ideas to support and improve your retail prospects in a tough market.
Pharmacies, especially those associated with larger retail outlets, fill a special niche in our society – and one that is, in some ways, one of the most competitive in the economy. Turbulent times are times when market share is up for grabs, and they play to the strengths of those who anticipate the future properly, and plan well for the changes ahead.

Changing an Uncertain Tomorrow into a Profitable Present: The Future of the Gift and Tableware Industry

The giftware industry is undergoing significant changes, and individual retailers who do not prepare for them may find themselves pushed out of business. Among the forces driving change are:
  • Demographics – Three key groups are entering new phases of their lifecycles, which means that their interests and buying habits will change. You will need to anticipate these changes, or wave good-bye to your customers.
  • The economy – The past five years or more have been relatively good ones, but the next two to three will be much tougher. Here’s what to expect, and what to do about it.
  • The most important thing to you about the Internet, and how you should be using it now.
  • Changes in the retailing industry - The world of retailing has shifted, and you need to pick and choose from among these changes to keep your business interesting to your clients, and profitable for you.
Richard Worzel is a Chartered Financial Analyst, a strategic planner, and one of North America's leading futurists. 'Turbulent times are times when market share is up for grabs,' he notes, 'You can either take advantage of the changes as they happen, or be flattened by them.'

Managing for More: How the Future Will Affect Your Operations – and Your Profits!

As fast as consumer products are changing, the business model necessary you need for success is changing at least as quickly. As competition you face mounts, and your customers become more sophisticated and more demanding, your future profitability will depend on acquiring new skills and greater foresight. Richard Worzel, a strategic planner and futurist, will give you a blueprint on how to manage for more, turning today's success into tomorrow's greatest hits. To survive and thrive the challenges of the future, you will need to:
  • Stay abreast of global pressures that are driving up competition;
  • Anticipate the shifting desires of increasingly sophisticated consumers;
  • Steadily upgrade your skills in marketing, sales, and operations management as well as your technical expertise; and
  • Watch for new opportunities that will appear with new technologies.
'Turbulent times are times when market share is up for grabs,' Richard comments. 'Our future will be both more exciting, and less forgiving. Those who are not prepared for the times ahead will suffer, and may fail.'

Creating Tomorrow's Products and Services Today (Workshop)

Using tools developed specifically for strategic planning in business and the military, futurist and strategic planner Richard Worzel leads a workshop to help you and your people identify important new opportunities in tomorrow's marketplace. You will start with a survey of the major forces shaping the future for your products and services, including the most important uncertainties, then use a carefully structured approach to project the specific needs of individual clients and prospects. With a detailed look at the texture and nature of tomorrow's markets, you can uncover changing needs and outline ways of filling them ahead of the market, and before your competitors. By the end of this process, you will:
  • Identify coming changes in markets, competitors, suppliers, and customers;
  • Consider the range of possibilities that may develop;
  • Specify the most likely needs of your most important clients;
  • Clarify the ways you can use your particular strengths to position your company for the future; and
  • Outline distinctive products to fill emerging needs, and be ready to supply them when demand develops.

Tomorrow's Powerful Consumer

The world of retailing isn't the way it used to be, and consumers in particular are changing. Their tastes, lifestyles, interests, desires are all mutating under the influence of a global fusion culture and changing social pressures that seem to switch direction without notice or apparent reason. Meanwhile, the way retailers approach and appeal to consumers is also changing. New ways of advertising, marketing, selling, and staying in touch with your customers are all changing the rules on how the retailing industry operates. Add to this globalization and new competition from major new players, as well as new sources of products that undercut previous purchasing decisions and the landscape for retailers becomes a minefield for the unprepared and the unwary. All of these things are delivering power into the hands of the consumer, while simultaneously degrading the service that many retailers offer - an explosive mix for those wishing to survive. This keynote paints the landscape of the future, will alert you to coming developments in retailing, and help you lay plans to make change, and tomorrow's powerful consumer, an ally rather than a threat.

Using Technology to Get Personal

Any salesperson worth her salt, and any marketer worthy of the name know that the more you know about a client or prospect, the more likely you are to be able to serve them well, and secure their business. That's a truism that is unlikely ever to change. But advances in technology are now making it possible to get much more personal with lots more people. Sales and marketing professionals who want to hold onto their existing clients, and build their businesses into the future need to add new tools to supplement the old, or lose out to more technically-savvy competitors. The emergence of new means of tailoring communications, including blogging, podcasting, and RSS, will allow you to sink deeper roots into your client base and among potential prospects, adding value and building loyalty at a time when loyalty is largely on the wane. This wide-ranging keynote covers how technology is forcing change on the landscape of sales and marketing, and how technology is re-formatting the society we live in, the way we relate to each other, the new tools emerging, and how sales and marketing organizations can use these tools to multiply their presence in the marketplace, and defend and expand their reach.

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