Richard Worzel - Futurist - Speaker - Consultant
Keynote & Workshop Topics
Keynote & Workshop Topics
Crime Prevention & Policing

Ready for Tomorrow

The statistics for violent crime are down, yet concern about crime is reaching an all-time high. What's going on? There's no question that society is changing, that values are shifting, and that the demands on police and crime prevention officials are more confusing, and more difficult than ever before. In this broad-ranging keynote presentation you will learn what's causing these shifts, look at the demographics of crime, the technological challenges and dangers ahead, and evaluate how your job and responsibilities will change in the years ahead. Among the topics covered will be: what is causing governments to become less rational and more demanding; where will tomorrow's criminals come from, and what kinds of crimes will they commit; what will affect society's attitudes towards crime and crime prevention; and what are the prospects for the next generation as citizens, law enforcement professionals, and criminals?

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