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Keynote & Workshop Topics
Keynote & Workshop Topics

Future Tense: Education in Tomorrow's World

Our education system is experiencing the most radical changes in over a century, forcing educators to confront both grave threats to the integrity of the system, and offering us great opportunities for positive transformation. Change is erupting because of the varied demographic, social, economic, and technological forces at work in our society and schools. These changes, left to themselves, threaten to destroy much of the value of education as we know it, and to undermine the entire system. Yet, educators, using technology, and with an understanding of what lies ahead, can play a pivotal role in turning these changes to our advantage.

Futurist Richard Worzel, author and columnist for Teach magazine, will hand you a road map of what lies ahead, and illustrate how we can use the future to benefit our schools. Along the way, you will hear how these megatrends will affect your school, your job, and your life. You won't want to miss this intriguing and entertaining look at the future, which will help you identify the steps you can take to make these forces work for the benefit of the education system as a whole, your school in particular, and especially for your students.

Facing the Future: What Are Schools For?

Education is the fulcrum of the future: virtually everything that happens to tomorrow's society and tomorrow's citizens will be affected by today's education system. Yet, the field of public education is experiencing more changes from more factors than at any time in over a century. Demographic shifts; the new, intrusive effects of technology in the classroom; altered social attitudes about the role of educators; the effects of massive increases in communications and media; and the influences of a global economy, society, and culture, among others, are combining to create a bewildering series of pulls and tugs that are forcing changes in the classroom. In this lively and intriguing presentation, futurist and Teach magazine columnist Richard Worzel outlines the nature of the changes that are occurring, and explains how school boards, educators, and their partners and stakeholders can best respond. You'll walk away with a clearer understanding of what's happening, why it's happening now, and with new tools to prepare for the uncertainties ahead!

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