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The Next 20 Years of Your Life: A Personal Guide Into the Year 2017
The Next 20 Years of Your Life:
A Personal Guide Into the Year 2017
(Stoddart Publishing, Toronto)

The purpose of this book is to make the radical changes that are hurtling towards us seem more understandable and more real, or at least less surrealistic and less abstract. Accordingly, it is written from a personal point of view: when you wake up one morning in the year 2017, what will the world be like? What will it look, sound, and feel like? What will it be like to live in that world, as opposed to this world?

To achieve this sense of presence in a future world, I've made extensive use of vignettes; stories told about the lives of men and women in 2017, and some of the intervening years. These stories illustrate what life will be like, then I expand on the implications of the points made in the stories by explaining how the changes are likely to come about, what's going to cause them, and how we might react.

I've tried to deal with the major aspects of life 20 years hence: technology, employment, government policy, health and longevity, education and learning, society and social trends and pressures, and the human spirit. It's a tall order, but I really enjoyed writing this book, and people seem to enjoy reading it. I'm told that it's easy to read, not heavy or difficult, and both fascinating and a little frightening at times. I didn't intentionally make it frightening. Instead, I'm warning my readers about the problems they need to avoid or prepare for.

Praise for The Next 20 Years of Your Life

" engaging personal guide...its scenarios operate like good stories told by an inspirational teacher..." - The FUTURIST, Magazine of the World Future Society

"...concise, compelling...a fascinating book with intriguing insights..."

"...a clear and insightful look into the future that will help readers meet the challenges of the new millennium." - BILL GOOD, CKNW Radio, Vancouver

"...with new 'superhighways' being added each day and previously viable routes becoming dead-ends, it's essential to have a guide that will keep you on the right trail for the next twenty years and beyond. This book is that guide." - PHIL CUNNINGHAM, President, Mackenzie Financial

"Worzel attempts (and darn well, too) to not only predict how the current trends in technology will evolve, but how they'll change the way we live in the future." - The TORONTO STAR newspaper

"Worzel is astute, well-read, and engaging..."
- EVAN SOLOMON, FutureWorld, CBC Newsworld

Summary of Contents

Prolog: The Future Starts Here
  • The Dominant Theme of Our Time
  • Why Are People Afraid?
  • What Will the Future Be Like?
Chapter 1 - Your Computer Genie
  • A New Way of Thinking About and Using Computers
  • Watching Your Health
  • Screening Incoming Information
Chapter 2 - Communications: Whenever, Wherever
  • The Advantages of Being Digital
  • New Technology Means New Choices
  • Where We've Come From, and Where We Are
  • Messages from On High
  • New Technologies
  • Who Delivers the Envelopes and Who Puts Stuff in the Envelopes
Chapter 3 - Television Is Dead; Long Live Television!
  • The End of Television
  • All the News Period
  • Radio in the 21st Century
  • New Media
  • Interactive programming
  • Multi-dimensional media
  • Downstream Effects of the Communications Revolution
Chapter 4 - The Prospects for Secure Employment
  • Skilled, Experienced, and Out of Work
  • The Entrepreneurial Alternative
  • The Skills Needed to Invent Your Employment
Chapter 5 - What Happens to the Unemployed?
  • What Happens to Those Who Can't Adapt?
  • Can't We Protect Jobs from Foreign Competition?
  • Training Is Not the Answer
  • Why Job Sharing, Shorter Work Weeks, and Higher Minimum Wages Won't Work
  • What Can Governments Do?
  • What Can You Do for Yourself?
Chapter 6 - Managing for the Future
  • The Downsizing Fad
  • The Company of the Future
  • Hierarchies Versus Markets
Chapter 7 - The Rise of "Assassin Marketing"
  • Delivering the Marketing Message
  • Which Retailers and Media Will Survive?
  • The Decline of Demographics
Chapter 8 - Age & Money: Opportunity and Strife
  • Your Financial Life Cycle
  • Planning Your Investments for Tomorrow
  • Foreign Money, Foreign Investments
  • What a Difference 20 Years Makes!
Chapter 9 - How Long Will You Live?
  • New Tools for Health
  • The Skirmishes Are Over; the Battle's Just Beginning
  • The Currency of Life Is Money
  • Let's Stop Practicing "Medicine"
  • Develop an Integrated Health Management System
  • A Two-tiered Health-care System Is Inevitable
  • We Will Be Responsible for Our Own Health
Chapter 10 - Learning: The Most Important Industry
  • The Information Pyramid and the Role of Teachers
  • The First Barrier: Our Balkanized System
  • Teachers' Unions
  • Public Expectations
  • Computers as Stumbling Blocks
  • Money
  • The Danger
  • Commercial Training
  • The Virtual University
Chapter 11 - The Soul Under Siege
  • McLuhan Was Wrong About the Global Village
  • The Addicted Society
  • "Amusing Ourselves to Death"
  • The Fall of Home and Family
  • The Decline of Male Domination
  • The Flight to Community
  • The Patchwork Society
Chapter 12 - Tomorrow Morning
  • The Next Thing
  • Courage
  • What Did I Miss?
  • Suggested Reading
© Copyright, Incremax Financial Research Corporation, January 1997

Richard Worzel
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