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Who Owns Tomorrow? 7 Secrets for the Future of Business
Who Owns Tomorrow?
7 Secrets for the Future of Business
(Viking Canada, September 2003, Hardcover)

Changes in politics and technology, management and leadership, demographics and economics and more are altering the face and pace of business. Those who are prepared will prosper, while most organizations will flounder or fall by the wayside. In Who Owns Tomorrow? Richard Worzel challenges readers to examine the future and plan for it. Built around seven key secrets, such as 'the status quo is fatal' and 'watch for falling governments', this book spells out the difference between opportunity and vulnerability for businesses and governments. Now in Paperback!

Correction: In writing Who Owns Tomorrow? I neglected to give credit where it was due, and would like to correct this oversight. I recently realized that in the discussion on page 166, where I describe how the glut of optical fiber has transformed the television news business compared with satellite transmission, I didn't say that I got this anecdote from Wilson Markle. This is a grievous error, as Wilson is a brilliant man, and one of the most knowledgeable people I know in the field of communications. I didn't leave his name out deliberately, or out of a desire to appear smarter than I am, but rather through carelessness. I apologize to Wilson, and regret this mistake.

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Summary of Contents

Open Secret: The Strategic Importance of the Future
  • The dangerous myth of "The Future"
The 1st Secret: Optimize Your Most Important Asset

Chapter 1: The War for Talent
  • The rising power of the knowledge worker
  • Know who you are, know what you stand for
  • If people are the most important asset, then hiring is the most important skill
  • Continuous training replaces job security; respect is rare, but produces loyalty
Chapter 2: HR, and the Human Cost of Change
  • Why is this happening, and why now?
  • If this is exploiting developing nations, then bring it on!
  • What about disappearing jobs here?
  • What about the people who aren't talented?
The 2nd Secret: Demolish the Status Quo

Chapter 3: The Opposite of "Smart" Is Not "Dumb"
  • Companies are in danger, their power is ebbing away
  • Visionary companies make more money than bottom-line companies
  • The real opposite of "smart"
Chapter 4: Assassin Marketing and Jigsaw Sales
  • Data mining and the golden customer
  • Assassin marketing
  • Jigsaw products and services
  • Beyond the brand
The 3rd Secret: Seek Clarity, Not Facts

Chapter 5: The Information Swamp
  • Knowledge is power, but information is a curse
  • Customized media, fragmented society
  • Rising customer rage, shrinking customer satisfaction
Chapter 6: Living Naked: The Destruction of Privacy
  • Why Little Sister (and Little Brother) are watching you, too
  • The great privacy divide
  • Information overload applies here, too
The 4th Secret: Prepare for the New Consumer

Chapter 7: Who We Are, Who We Will Be
  • The oldest old will need increasing help
  • Baby boomers gradually shift from work to retirement
  • The echo boomers reach adulthood
  • Intergenerational war
Chapter 8: The Gathering Storm
  • Increasing global awareness is changing behaviour
  • The rise of personal environmentalism
  • The erosion of ethics
  • Betraying our children
The 5th Secret: Listen to the Money

Chapter 9: The Economy's Well-Spring
  • The past and future of wealth
  • How do you invest in tomorrow?
Chapter 10: You Need to Be Good
  • The cancer of misplaced social responsibility
  • What do your customers expect?
The 6th Secret: Watch for Falling Governments

Chapter 11: Weak Governments Are Dangerous
  • "Government of the bureaucrats, by the politicians, for the special interests"
  • Is the nation-state dead?
  • Where is the rule of law?
  • Preparing for an era of weak governments
Chapter 12: The Rise of Geopolitics
  • Fragmenting nation-states
  • Disease, terrorism, demographics, & water: Sources of conflict
  • The United States, China, the Middle East, & everyone else
  • Hope
The 7th Secret: Create Your Desired Future

Chapter 13: Making It Happen
  • You can only think about the future in specifics
  • A structured way to think about the future
  • Wild card scenarios
  • Your desired future
Conclusion: Who Owns Tomorrow?
  • How high can you reach?
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